Recipe: Perfect Paneer fried rice

Paneer fried rice.

Paneer fried rice You can cook Paneer fried rice using 22 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Paneer fried rice

  1. You need of To marinate and roast paneer.
  2. Prepare of paneer.
  3. It’s of garam masala.
  4. It’s of red chilli powder.
  5. You need of coriander powder.
  6. You need of Salt as required.
  7. Prepare of oil to roast paneer.
  8. It’s of To make fried rice.
  9. You need of basmati rice.
  10. You need of + 2 tbsp oil.
  11. Prepare of onion medium sliced (sweet onion will give more taste).
  12. It’s of ginger garlic paste.
  13. You need of green chillies.
  14. It’s of capsicum sliced.
  15. Prepare of spring onion stems chopped (Separate white part and green part).
  16. You need of cabbage sliced.
  17. You need of red chilli powder.
  18. It’s of soya sauce.
  19. You need of tomato ketchup.
  20. It’s of vinegar.
  21. You need of pepper.
  22. It’s of Salt as required.

Paneer fried rice instructions

  1. Marinate paneer with all the ingredients under marinate section and keep it aside for 15 mins. Fry it in oil for 2-3 mins..
  2. Soak rice for 15 to 30 mins. Bring lot of water to boil and add rice along with 1 tbsp oil. Cook it until it's done. Takes 5-7 mins in medium to high flame. Do not overcook..
  3. Heat a pan with oil. Add ginger garlic paste and green chillies. Sauté until raw smell goes. Add onion and sauté for 2 mins. Add capsicum and sauté for 2 mins. Add cabbage and white part of spring onion and sauté for few mins. Add red chilli powder, salt, pepper, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar and sauté until raw smell goes. Add rice, paneer, green part of spring onion and sauté until everything gets mixed..
  4. Serve with tomato ketchup!.