Recipe: Yummy Banana & chocolate shake

Banana & chocolate shake.

Banana & chocolate shake You can have Banana & chocolate shake using 7 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Banana & chocolate shake

  1. You need of bananas split & chopped.
  2. You need of chilled.
  3. It’s of Sugar.
  4. You need of honey.
  5. You need of Almond powder.
  6. Prepare of ice cubes.
  7. It’s of chocolate syrup.

Banana & chocolate shake instructions

  1. In a blender put banana, griend it..
  2. Add milk & sugar whisks it 1 miniute..
  3. Add Almond powder,honey blend it..
  4. Add ice cubes blend it..
  5. Add 1 Tsp chocolate syrup mix it..
  6. Take a glass spread 1 Tsp chocolate syrup, round it..
  7. Pour mixture in the glass, Garnish it with chocolate & pistachio flax..
  8. A rich banana shake is ready to serve..